Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blog Newbie Introduction

I've finally joined the blogging world...again! This time, with a purpose though :) I've started making Digital Scrapbook kits and can't wait to share them and get some suggestions and opinions as well. I'm sure there'll be more than just downloads with this blog, as I can so see myself as a regular blogger. I'm really into photo editing too...just need to get myself a GOOD camera and I'd do a lot more of it!

How did I get into this? The wonderful ladies at on the Siggies R Us board. They have taught me so much and I haven't even learned half of what they know yet. They are truly amazing and I hope to someday be even HALF as talented as they are. I'm addicted to making siggies, which my husband, Tim just LOVES about me (note the sarcasm there) but my three kids love watching me do it. I think they just like to see photos of kids and babies though ;)

Here's a little about me....

I Am - a mom, a wife, a daughter, a woman, a dreamer.
I Want - my kids to have a happy full life with no regrets.
I Have - been to Disney World more times that I can remember, but will never stop going back.
I Wish - upon falling stars...yes, I do believe.
I Hate - lies. Nothing bothers me more than lies.
I Fear - bats, mice, frogs...and other "life" things.
I Hear - Disney songs in my head once in, I don't go to therapy for it!
I Search - the net for the cheapest way possible to get my family back to Disney World.
I Wonder - what my kids will be like as they grow.
I Regret - a few things but everything happens for a reason.
I Love - when my house runs smoothly with minimal chaos.
I Ache - for children in pain.
I Always - hold things in rather than starting a confrontation.
I Usually - try to keep the kids on a schedule.
I Am Not - perfect.
I Dance - when I'm drunk.
I Sing - when I'm alone....or drunk.
I Never - want to see my kids hurting.
I Rarely - fight with anyone.
I Cry - when I'm hurt.
I Am Not Always - happy.
I Lose - my sunglasses quite regularly (that's why I always wear them on my head now).
I'm Confused - by the way people think sometimes.
I Need - more time in a day.
I Should - be sleeping right now!
I Dream - of my childrean growing up happy and healthy.

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