Friday, June 18, 2010

Divine update.....

Hey everyone! Divine Digital is on its way back! We have a new hosting company but the old one is still being difficult and holding data hostage :( Royanna is doing everything she can with what she has as quickly as she can and has her attorney involved trying to get the data as well. It really is a sad situation for everyone. But....know that we are going to come back strong with many plans in store!

On a side note, I did not post a freebie today due to being in some severe a lot of the day. When I was going to get online again after the storms (and a big crack of lightening) our modem is no longer working right now. We called our dsl company and have come to the conclusion that when had the crack of lightening, it most likely came through the phone line and fried the modem. So.....we are looking at next week before we can get a tech since its the weekend. I apologize for no freebie this week :(

Thank you again for all the kind thoughts regarding Divine Digital...we all appreciate it!

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