Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm back :) Relaunch SALE!

After a long journey, Divine Digital is finally back! More events planned site-wide to be announced :) But as for my products in my boutique, everything is $2.00 or less! Almost everything is marked down. MANY items are only $1.00! Both commercial and personal use items on sale.

Click HERE to check it out!

*ad only good for items in Dizzy Scraps Boutique at Divine Digital*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Making some extra $$$ :)

This isn't a scrap post, nor is it really a spam post either. I just wanted to try to help you all out a bit with the holidays coming up :)

Amazon Mom: If you have an Amazon account already, you just sign up with that username/password. With this, you get 3 months worth of free 2-day shipping. Perfect for the holidays!

Swag Bucks is pretty awesome. All you do is use them for searching instead of your normal search engine. I usually get a win from a search 3-4 times a day. Plus I do some special offers (all freebie items) and they give codes throughout the day. You can earn different prizes or gift cards. I'm personally going for Amazon cards, but there are Paypal gift cards too (which is great for you digiscrappers to pay for kits :) I also have a banner as well. To put it this way....I just got my 10th $5 Amazon gift card in just over one month :). Like I said, not a whole lot, but it's something for doing almost nothing. One tip for you - follow their facebook page closely. A lot of info on there! More information and tips at the end of this post!!!

iRazoo is another one for searching. It takes a little longer, but again, virtually no work. Just do your searches with them and you definitely get 100 points per day for page recommendations and comments. Plus there's instant win points (like swag bucks). I'm almost to a $5 Amazon gift card already there too :)

Opinion Outpost is a survey site that it legit. You can get a check (which can take 4-6 weeks to receive) or you can get Amazon gift card as well. They pay $1 per 10 points. So a 20 point survey gets you $2. The pay is fairly high and I have NEVER received any spam or bogus emails from them. Probably one of my favorites for survey sites :)

YouData is a clicking site. You click on ads available to you. Nothing hard. Not big pay either, but they payout every Friday to your paypal. You may only receive less than $1 per week, but for a few seconds of clicking, why not right? Make sure you fill out all your profiles so you get more ads. First week, I got a few dollars, so I can't complain.

Listia is an ebay auction type of site. The only thing is that you don't use cash, you use credits. You start out with so many credits and you can sell things for credits. Then you buy things with credits. A lot of people offer free shipping, but sometimes there's a small fee for shipping as well. Great way for some Christmas shopping ;)

1. Create an email address that you will use to sign up for different free offers. I say this, because you WILL get a lot of spam email. This way, it won't clog up your normal email. The email that you use to sign up for swagbucks, though, should be your normal email. It doesn't have to match when signing up for offers.

2. If you're up at midnight (central time) anyway, take part in what's known as "Midnight Bucks". You normally get multiple wins between midnight and 1am. Then, you don't normally get any later that day either. But then again, with normal amount of wins being 3-4, you can possibly get 3 during midnight bucks and won't have to worry about getting many that next day. There is also no limit for number of times or how quick you are searching during this time.

3. Facebook - FOLLOW THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE! There are so many people that post so much info on there. If there's a lot of people saying "Thanks TSG" that normally means there's a code out. It is against the rules to post the actual code, so don't do that, and don't click on the links people will post about finding codes either. They're spammers. Look at the discussions tab too...there's a lot of good advice for special offers that have credited. Watch the wall for that same info as well.

4. Get the toolbar. I have it on Firefox and have never had any problems. Sometimes codes are sent through toolbar messages. You also get 1 swagbuck a day for having the toolbar.

5. Check your survey dashboard everyday. You will get 1 swagbuck just for visiting that as well. Sometimes you qualify for a survey and you can get some big swagbucks.

6. Check your "NOSO" every day. If you go through it (and skip offers), you get 1 Swagbuck a day.

7. Daily Poll - takes just a couple seconds to vote in the poll and you get a swagbuck a day for that.

8. Be careful not to search like a spammer. They will see that, and put your account on a "time-out" where you can't search for up to 24 hours. I normally try a search around every 30 minutes or so.

***** If you do only these things, and NO special offers, you can still pretty much get 2 - $5 Amazon Gift Cards a month for sure. With special offers, you can get 5 of those plus more :)*****

The best value for your swagbucks is the $5 Amazon Gift Card. You can load these card codes you will get into your amazon account where they never expire. You can use multiple cards in a purchase as well. You can get $5 paypals as well, but they are quite a bit more.

There is a limit on the rewards. You can get no more than 5 of the same reward in a calendar month, and no more than 2 per day of the same thing. Many people get their $5 amazon cards cashed in first at the beginning of the month if they have enough points, then save for a different card ($25 or $50). Or do other gifts instead.

Example: I got all 5 of my amazon $5 cards in August, and by September 10th, I had gotten all my $5 cards for September.

It doesn't take a lot of time at all, is going to help out A LOT for Christmastime :)

Click HERE to sign up!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BLOG TRAIN! Fall Carnival

You arrived here from ScrapBug Designs!

It's time for another Blog Train :) CHOO CHOO! September's blog train theme is "Fall Carnival" These colors are amazing, as are all the parts the designers contributed. Don't miss this HUGE blog train :) Enjoy! Make sure you leave the designers some love for the hard work they put into this. We are all over the globe, so some may have their parts up and some may not. Just make sure to keep checking back if someone doesn't have their part up yet.

Here is a preview of my part

geniaBeana Scraps

Blog Train Blog