Sunday, December 9, 2012

Update. On. Life.

I deeply apologize in every way for "disappearing" into the dark for so long.  Life has been....well, a struggle.  Family, kids, and just LIFE has been nothing but chaos.  Just when things were starting to turn around, the last year of our lives has been a constant battle of ups & downs.  So much so, that we are in the process of a HUGE change for our family in the near future.  I will share what that is when I can.  I haven't spent much time designing, but I need to get back to that soon.  Not only for the sake of designing, but for the sake of sanity.  It calms's my escape.  Just know.  I will be back as soon as I possibly can!  Until then, you can keep purchasing my current kits at Divine Digital where EVERYTHING in my Boutique is prices at only $1.00!

Onto other news....this economy has hit everyone very hard.  That's no secret.  I have recently started another blog that I invite you to follow.  Frugalized Chaos .  It will be filled with deals, coupons, paying websites, etc.  I've gotten into couponing pretty extreme (although, not like on TV ;-) ) and it has saved our family TONS of money!  I have also been earning gift cards easily online - I invite you to do the same.  It is helping out extremely during the holidays.  Here's a list of the sites I currently use, so I know they're legitimate.  Join me - you won't be sorry!  This is part of the blog post from HERE

  1. InstaGC.  Special Offers, Tasks, Surveys, Videos, etc.  Instant payouts.  SUPER easy to make points & lots of gift card options - all the same price!  Even have $1 Amazon cards to cash out for!
  2. Can't Beat Free. Special Offers, Tasks, Surveys. I've never had to wait more than 3 days to get paid after redemption.
  3. Gift Hulk. Search wins (ONLY LEGITIMATE SEARCHES, as you can win gift cards instantly with a search), Special offers, Surveys, Codes, Treasure Keys for instant wins. Get paid every Sunday (cash out by Saturday).
  4. Swagbucks. Search wins, surveys, TV wins, Special offers, Codes, etc. $5 amazon gift cards are the best value. Get paid about 10 days within redeeming.
  5. iRazoo. Search Wins, Treasure Codes, Special offers, surveys, etc. Get paid within 30 days of redeeming.
  6. Zoombucks. Search Wins, Homepage wins, Surveys, Special offers, promo codes, etc. Get paid within 30 days of redeeming.
***important : Never sign up for anything that involves entering your SS#, CC#, or DL#....not worth it, no matter what the reward is***