Thursday, January 31, 2013

Changes Ahead!

I just want to make a quick note about changes to come.  I was going to delete previous posts with broken links now that Divine Digital is closing its doors (not a bad thing....should have been done awhile ago).  However, I have decided that I'm not going to.  It was part of my life, so why act like it wasn't.  Most of you who have been on DD for a few years now, truly know everything that has happened.  I am however going to be making a fresh start!  I am going to get my products more organized and repackage them, while keeping my fingers crossed I find a new store to start out fresh in!  I'm super excited about the changes, and I should have done it a couple years ago!  Watch for some freebies coming to pass the time.  Some will be repeats of past freebies (with new links), but some will be random freebies as well for limited time ;-)   Thank you all for your patience as I get this together again!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Bye to Divine Digital! :-)

This was my message on my Facebook page:  "Unfortunately, I seem to be one of many designers at Divine Digital who are closing their boutiques due to non-payment from Divine Digital. There has been way too much drama & way too much dishonestly from the site owner to continue on. If you have purchased any of my products, I do appreciate it, but know that in the past 6 months, I have not seen any payment for those products. I had no choice but to take down all my products & move on. I truly hope with everything I am that I can get my groove back after being burned so bad....Watch for further updates! I am motivated enough to NOT let the negativity of one person/site ruin my creative flow."

And now for a little depth to this status.  Since I joined DD, there has really been nothing but chaos, drama, and problems.  I bought into the excuses until other designers started being open about what happened with them.  I was loyal to DD, and now, I have learned my lesson on that.  I'm not sorry I signed on with DD, but I am sorry I stayed.  I got my start here, and that's as far as it should have gotten.  Eventually it took every ounce of creativity and squashed it completely, to the point of me stopping.  I could sit here and bash the site owner and the site, but I won't.  She just obviously wasn't what she seemed.  She fooled a lot of people and received so much sympathy.  I don't know what the truth is with her personal situation, but there seems to be problem after problem.  If it's all true, I feel bad for her.  However, that's still no excuse to not run a business.  To take the money that customers have paid for a product and not give the rightful owner/designer the payment....that's just wrong in every sense of the word.  For someone who follows God so closely, it makes no sense.  I don't believe He would approve of the behavior and such dishonesty.  

So my Boutique at Divine Digital is closed.  I removed all the products from my store.  I can only HOPE at this point, I can get back to designing and find a trustworthy store to be part of, if they would have me.  I will work at getting some of my past freebies on a server and available for download again...

Thank you ALL for your understanding.  I appreciate it!

***UPDATE:  I wanted to make note that I did receive payment tonight finally.  Just sad that it took all this drama to get it.***